Monday, November 5, 2007

Post Tropical Storm Noel, November 5

Dawn: The first day the temperature dipped below zero overnight. That is not snow on the golf course or the buildings but hoar frost. If you don't know what that is, congratulations. You are blessed.

AS for Noel: the hurricane blacked out 170,000 Nova Scotian homes. There were only 43,000 places affected in New England. Fifty thousand of these were in Halifax. Local electricians were backed by volunteers from Quebec and Maine and it is expected the lights will be on everywhere by late Tuesday. The QE II Hospital was forced to operate on backup generators and stoplights were extinguished at four places within Metro. It took 100 fire service volunteers to clear downed trees and branches in Halifax.

Mike Sutton of Halifax had his BMW damaged by Hurricane Juan and got some new dents and scratches when the same tree downloaded on his car in this storm. "It's a nice little neighbourhood except for that the trees that keep falling."

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