Tuesday, November 6, 2007

As late as yesterday afternoon

Clouds continued to lower in Lunenburg and to the north east it continued to blow and rain.

This morning we are told that there are still 7,000 homes without power and Windsor High School is still in the dark. At the height of things, there were many, many more cancellations and no school, particularly to the east and northeast of this place. A portion of the road was washed away at Queensland and shoulders were eliminated at Peggy's Cove, Lawrencetwon and Musquodobit. Pointr Pleasant Park in Halifax was not decoimated as it was when Juan struck (70% of trees downed) but this time 200 additional trees were uprooted.

Officially, winds at Lunenburg reached a mere 109 kilometres/hour, but the storm surge had waves breaking over local wharves along their entire lengths. There was a power outage and several large trees were felled. Like Saint John and Woodstock, New Brunswick, Lunenburg maintains its own local electric power lines and repair facilities and these folk seem to have been ready.. Today there is no sign of a wood chip anywhere and the streets are certainly clean of debris

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