Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, ca. 4 am

Looking out the back window from our "Lunenburg Bump". Things got violent starting about 9 pm, November 3.

The digital camera eye is not as acute as the human eye. We understand that New Englanders were disappointed with the effects of post tropical storm Noel, but it screamed in over Nova Scotia with gusts to 160 km/hr (hurricane force winds). Should have taken some video, but, not having slept, settled for this single grab shot from the second storey. In our province our old house shook, rattled and rolled and the mattress acted like a water bed although it consists of coiled springs.

Spray hitting the Railway Wharf climbed to 90 feet, judged by the hgeight of that ship, and the "Spanish Lady" which was within the Picton Castle enclosure was bobbing like a cork. We were amazed to find her still afloat in the morning. The Picton Castles timbers were bending in the breeze.

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