Monday, November 5, 2007

Our closest neighbour's Hallowe'en Lanterns

survived this storm because they were on the north side of the house.

While some inland residents were disappointed in Noels performance "On the coast, the storm was "more dramatic than Juan." - The Daily News. Halifax.

We concur. At Indian Harbour about 4:30 am a resident noted that the wind was "so fierce it tore stairways off properties." Carole MacInnis also noted that "We definitely had higher water, so it was really quite frightening. Eben Fry, a resident of this same community said that "It looks like the ocean picked up the road and moved it a few feet." The highest gust recorded at Metro was 135 kn/hr.

At Queensland an entire beach was swept out to sea and at Dartmouth an elderly couple lost their trailer roof to the high winds. At Peggy's Cove an intoxicated man had to be rescued by the RCMP after venturing too near the surf. At the time surf was breaking as inland over the restaurant parking lot (which is far back from the coast). In the morning another adventurer had to be rescued when he fell on the rocks.

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