Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Empty Berth

The "Lady Janet" and the "Spanish Gypsy" were both absent from the berth where they were exposed to Post Tropical Storm Noel a few nights back. The absence of the former is of interest since we have never seen her under power since moving to a place directly above her more than a year ago. The "Picton Castle" is still in place but aswarm with crew this afternoon. An examination of the Railway Wharf revealed frayed mooring lines still in place on the wharf.

Locally, the "Lunenburg Progress Enterprise" took note of three downed trees in Hillcrest Cemetery, at Tannery Row, Green Street and Prince Street, but entirely missed the power outage in town during the middle of the night. They did note outages in neighbouring communities, but their reporters seemed to have slept more soundly than we did, and they gave little press to the effects on the marine community. A radio interview, the day after the storm, seems to have been missed: It recounted the unpleasant night spent by a ship owner trying to hold his craft in the wind for several long hours.

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