Thursday, November 8, 2007

A new social group

Acrylics Forever

The first commercial water-based acrylic paints suitable for fine art was trademarked Liquitex. The author of this site has used these paints since their introduction in the mid 1950's. They are fast-drying, water-soluble but permanent and insoluble after drying. Although the first acrylics were manufactured in Germany in 1902 they were first marketed and made popular by North American artists.

Rod was trained in the use of watercolours and oil paints but only one of his teachers made the transition to acrylics, and that was not while he was an art student. As a result he was largely self-taught with a bit of help from a text by someone named Woody Russell and the propaganda sheets issued by acrylic paint companies.

In this past half century Rod has invented some techniques for their use, which can be seen by clicking a link to his website seen at right. On the other hand, he still has a lot to learn, and would appreciate any input on this new forum. You are invited to visit and leave comments, particularly those aimed at forwarding the work of painter's in acrylic. What works for you?

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