Friday, May 18, 2007

The view looking down King Street extension toward the water. The building in the foreground, left, is occupied by several businesses including offices of the Lunenburg Fish Company which face the intersecting Bluenose Drive. The Knaut-Rhuland wharf is seen in the middle distance and to the right the Fisherman's memorial (our local version of Stonehenge). The masts of the Bluenose II are at right and the Bluenose Company Store, also facing on Bluenose Drive, is in the yellow building.

The Bluenose Company Store is no longer officially associated with the schooner itself. The Bluenose Preservation Trust had care and control over this reproduction for many years, but quarrels with the Province caused the latter to move this responsibility to another group working under the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. These newcomers fund operation of the schooner through public donations, sales from the Museum Gift Shop which they operate, and by charging visitors for time at sea. Meanwhile, the Preservation Trust which operates the competing "Company Store" has balked at transferring funds in trust to the new operators. There the matter rests while legal eagles duke it out!

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