Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Study: The Bluenose Comes Home.

This afternoon's little (8x10") study. A painting used to test the notion that this image might be the basis for a much larger painting in a somewhat expanded format. I think it will work, so that sketch has also been rendered and the dark areas established. The image is based on a photograph which I took last fall when Bluenose II returned from her last trip in Nova Scotian waters.

The ship in the background is the superstructure of an antique steamship, the "Cape North". Her hull is long gone but this part was rescued by the Lunenburg Atlantic Fisheries Museum and can be visited within their compound where she has become a permanent part of an adjoining wharf.

This painting is in acrylic and will eventually make it to my regularly web site at rodneymackay.com, where it will be offered for sale.

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