Friday, May 18, 2007

Rod Mackay's Painting of A Refit

The interesting news (May3) is that there will apparently be a Bluenose III. The Bluenose was designed by William J. Roue and launched from the Smith and Rhuland Shipyard in Lunenburg 86 years ago. The Bluenose II was also built in Lunenburg.

The plans for the original ship passed from the Bluenose II Foundation to Jean Roue, a grand daughter of the designer, after they fell out with the Province. She is behind a $15 million dollar effort to build re-create the original, in more authentic detail, up the La Have River at the Dayspring location of Snyder's Shipbuilding. The current project is to be funded privately without aid from government. The anticipated launch date is 2010. The Province has been notably cool to this project and claims rights over the name "Bluenose" so that will have to be negotiated, or the new builders await the inevitable fall of the party in power.

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