Friday, May 18, 2007

Here we show the Bluenose II (1) at her berth beside the Public Wharf. The newly constructed, old styled, Lunenburg Arms (2) dominates the landward view. Next a real estate office (3) painted yellow; Historic Grounds (4) where I stop for coffee; (5) The Lunenburg Progress Enterprise (a weekly newspaper); (6) art gallery and clothing store; (7) Houston North Art Galley (innuit art); (8) The Bluenose Company Store; (9) building occupied by offices of the Lunenburg Fish Company; (10) Ticket offices for three local tour boat operations. Their craft use the right side of this wharf. 11. Boat shed used to store the oars and gear of individuals training for the annual International Dory Races. Most of the original shore buildings in this location are long gone but a few buildings to the east and west are originals which have been rennovated for the tourist industry.

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