Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Barque Picton Castle and Pirate Master

This was my painting of the bow of the Picton Castle as seen last fall. When this globe-encircling ship arrives home in Lunenburg this summer sahe'll be wearing theatrical makeup. The 284-ton barque has gone to the dark side for her role as a primary stage set in the new reality show to be called "Pirate Master". Pirates could hardly tolerate a white paint job so that has been switched to black! Those with long memories will recall that this was the original colour of the ship before she was refitted for sailing. As mentioned earlier, the new figurehead is impressive (just google Picton Castle to have alook),

In the new TV show sixteen individuals will compete as "pirates" intent on recovering a million dollars in loot. In each episode the least avaricious appear before a pirate's court and set adrift in a small boat. Finally, attrition will lead to the appointment of a Pirate Master who will receive a prize worth $500,000 for his maliciousness.

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