Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Year 1942, The fishing vessel "bernadine"

Built as a sardine seiner, this 85 foot vessel is the equivalent of two vessels I knew as a child summering on Grand Manan Island. Built in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick and renovated at Meteghen, Nova Scotia as a good will ambassador in Upper Canada, she has been modified with the addition of additional quarters at the rear of the pilot house.

The "Lois and Isabel II" sailed out of Grand Harbour on similar missions to the Victoria weir on the south coast of the island. I never "sailed" on her but did play cabin boy to the "Lois and Isabel 1" in the days when she fished off Castalia. She was named for my mother, Lois Guptill (Mackay) and her sister Isabel Guptill (Bosein). This craft is entered here for comparison with a very similar offshore vessel of exactly the same age.

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