Monday, July 16, 2007

Terror on Main Street

I know better than to offer the offbeat to a paint on site market but couldn't resist the drift wood pterodactyl hanging from a tree in front of this property. It is one of a tableau. Below it are three very large marine creatures created from the driftwood thrown ashore in Nova Scotia by the infamous Hurricane Juan. This painting was the first completed on site and suffered somewhat from the fact that I had left burnt sienna at home in Lunenburg. That's not beyond remedy, so I'll play with this one a bit more and then re-offer it. There are some obvious corrections I need to make. This was the only painting which gave me fun in the execution. I did sell one at silent auction: a back-lit sailing ship with a dramatic breakthrough of sun through fog as a backdrop.

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Anonymous said...

This is really quite a piece.... such a contrast too with the soft pink house vs. the very moody pterodactyl. Hmm.... gingerbread house anyone?