Monday, July 16, 2007

Rod at Mahone Bay

On the waterfront working on a painting of the local bandstand. The weather was largely co-operative but the event did conflict with a major craft show in Lunenburg and the number of artists on the ground was down to 21. I can't speak for the accompanying art show (I did sell a framed painting there) but I think paint-on-sites have had their day. The raffle of a Tom Ward painting was a huge success by contrast. There are simply too many of these plein aire events, and unfortunately they bring full-time painters into competition with themselves since paintings usually sell as less than their full value. The cause is just, but I have not seen much feed back in terms of public exposure from paint-on-sites I have attended over these past five years. Break even "holidays" of this sort will soon have to be relegated to my personal history of art

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