Friday, November 2, 2007

The "Nirvana" five hours later

This little wall decoration has been completed.

I have now been working with acrylics to the extent of 10,000+ paintings. My first set of Golden Acrylics was purchased in 1953 and I have always preferred them over other mediums.

Other artists are not as fond of them. They dry almost instantly which is both a blessing and a curse. They don't carry pigments as evenly as oils nor do they spread them as neatly as watercolours.

They do have these advantages: They form a film surface which is virtually lightproof, flexible and will not yellow. In addition they are the least expensive medium on the market and can impart a saturation of colour not seen in either oils or watercolours.

My personal notes on using acrylic colours and dealing with the production of the above painting can been seen on my website. Click address at right.

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