Friday, November 2, 2007

Mark Rothko, 1957

What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic artists paints?

Exactly what is acrylic paint and how is it related to latex house paint?

On what continent did this modern medium arise, when?

On what continent was the acrylic medium first used? Where? when?

What paint company popularized this medium for use by artists?

Who is Mark Rothko?

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Andrew Seyvuk said...

Advntg #1 Quick Drying
#2 Thick and Saturated Colors
#3 No/Low Odor
#4 Easy to add Layers
#5 Less expensive than Oil
#6 Water Soluble
Disadvtg #1 Quick Drying
#2 Quick Drying
#3 Quick Drying
Acrylic Paints were made famous by the brand Liquitex, which is still in successful operation today. It grew in popularity among American Abstract Expressionists like Motherwell, Pollock, among others.
It came about with all of the advancing technology in plastics during the Post WWII era, and gave the Expressionists the spontaneity that they craved. House paint is very similar to acrylic paints but contains ingredients that further expedite the drying process i.e. latex compounds. Mark Rothko is a color field abstract expressionist, meaning he only focused on the emotions that colors, when juxtaposed, simulate.