Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My map of the Cretaceous in the North East

NB, New Brunswick; NS. Nova Scotia; ME, Maine, NF, Newfoundland 1. The Gulf of Maine then dry land; 2. The Gulf of St. Lawrence, ditto; 3. The Manicougan Crater, which one scientist thinks was involved in the first opening of the Bay of Fundy. At this time drainage out of New England and Maritime Canada was northeastward to the ocean by way of the ancient St. Lawrence River. Areas then land but now covered by water are dark green. Red dots indicate regions where there have been some major dinosaur fossil finds.

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zebrarepeat said...

I'm quite a fan of maps of the prehistoric. I've often longed for something along the lines of Google Earth which would allow users the ability to "scroll" through the timeline of the past watching the continents move. Till then, I content myself with graphics like yours. Thanks for posting them.

I drove through your area on my one trip to Nova Scotia, back in the summer of 2002. It is a lovely place.