Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking After Business

The Business of Making Art
The Art of Staying In That Business

"I always suspect the artist who is successful before he is dead."
John Murray Gibbon, Pagan Love, 1922

"I will paint for money at any time. Any subject, any size."
Winslow Homer, correpondence, October 23, 1893

"I charge ten francs and a little alcohol for each sitting."
Amadeo Modigliani, ca. 1919

"I'm not so interested in art per se. It's only an occupation."
Marcel Duchamp, 1965

"I am in a bad state of mind and I am demoralized, and that influences me."
Chaim Soutine, correspondence, 1923

"I will admit to you frankly that I want to be on the artistic band wagon..."
Willem de Kooning, 1956

(Art Experts)...cannot be they do have considerable power in the pantry."
Herbert Katzman, 1953

"Painting is my work...There is little more to say."
Nathan Oliveria, from Art USA Now

"Artists are often excellent businessmen.... Otherwise they do not remain artists.
AY. Jackson

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