Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Father Christmas at Mahone Bay

A modern embodiment of Father Christmas greets well-wishers on Main Street. This town has less than half the population of Lunenburg but totally outdoes the larger centre when it comes to co-operative projects meant to draw out-side visitors to the town.

In addition to this living breathing representative of his kind, this Father Christmas was supplemented with seventy life-sized replicas representing the reincarnate Saint Nicholas, whose feast day is still remembered in some places on the fifth day of December. Old Saint Nick is a Teutonic Yule-tide character and a natural for Christmas promotion in Lunenburg County which was settled by German protestants in the mid eighteenth century.

Franky, the Lunenburg Christkindlmarkt or "Christ Child's Market" was more of a local food fair, and did not seem to attract hordes of visitors from outside the immediate area. That is unfortunate: From the lack of decoration on the part of nearby businesses on Lincoln and Montague Streets it may be suspected that the local merchants were ot entirely enthusiastic about this solidly amateur effort!

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