Monday, September 24, 2007

Lucy Jarvis in her Van Gogh period

I did not study under Lucy while at Teacher's College but did take a course in "Child Art" in Fredericton under Sinclair Healey then freshly graduated from Mount Allison University. In the old days Teachers' College graduated received provisional teaching certificates that could only become permanent after taking summer school course at U.N.B. I jumped directly out of "Normal School" into U.N.B. Summer School in 1952. One of the courses I took that year was also concerned with children's art and was presented by Dr. Carl Stoor a psycologist with minimal artistic skills. The interesting thing that year is the fact that I shared quarters with Fritz Brandtner in the Lady Beaverbrrok Residence. Got more out of that artistically than from the course I was taking. He suggested I sit in on some of the life drawing sessions being conducted by Lucy. I did that, free of charge but without credit.


Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering if there are any books out there that have some of Lucy's work?

Anyone aware of anything - C.

Nadine LeBlanc said...

Hi Rodney,

I came across your blog, and thought I'd let you know that we have a place for our Mount A alums to post their sites, if you're interested.

Let me know!