Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sir William Van Horne wrote that folk should

Folk should never buy a picture that you do not fall in love with, or it will always be an incubus and a source of dissatisfaction. The purchase of a picture, like the selection of wife, can hardly be done by proxy.

Van Horne was cautioning against being led by art agents or critics. Because paintings should constitute at least a mild flirtation for the buyer if not outright love, and because beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, there are all kinds of markets for artwork. Visual artists come produce work which is so highly individualistic there is hardly much real competition for available dollars. I have gone through a number of seriously committed patrons who have been collectors of my work and little else. Locally, there is not much overlap in styles or subject matter among local artists, although they do copy one another now and then.

In selling art connections whether physical or electronic are important and it is better for the community of painters if they recognize the value in co-operation. This is particularly true when it comes to selling art from the web. Individualism is a fine trait when it comes to producing paintings. I don't like working in groups as the socializing slows the plow, and I can't afford that.
On the other hand managing a website demands links, the more the merrier. I don't mind telling you how I use links as a means of self promotion. Click my website using the major link above my photo at right. On the homepage click "Rod's related web pages" (that may take a little scrolling) . On the "Rod's painting Worlds Page click "Using The Web". If you have control over your website and would like to exchange links, let me know?

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