Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's much bigger acrylic painting

There's a bit of distortion, and a colour shift here, but perhaps this will convey the idea? The saturation is a lot higher than this in the actual painting, so I'll do some editing before posting it on my web page. Squeezing big paintings into a small format is always problematic.

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Axl T. Ernst said...

Hello Rodney, Thank you so much for leaving a note on my blog! I was definitely thrilled to wake up and find it :D Not often do I hear feedback when I leave little treats randomly behind in places I've been ;)

I checked out your website, and you have some very beautiful work! It is wonderful to see so many scenes I can instantly recognize from home.

I'll keep an eye on this blog in the future and see what else you're up to.

All the best,