Sunday, June 3, 2007

Free Electronic Publications

Subject matter in pdf format includes: Algonquian Bestiary; Anglo-Saxon Word Hoard; an echtral; druidheachd; Gorbeys; oceanus deu caledonius; Folklore of Maritime Canada; Map Memorials for Atlantic Canada; mhorrigan; Myths of Atlantic Canada; Norumbega; Old Books Atlantic; samh & samhain; Witchcraft in Atlantic Canada; Whistle Down the Wind; World's Mythological Creatures; The Yule.

Archived Website going back to 1994

Subject matter in html: Bonny River Settlements; Brief History of Clan Mackay; British Calendar; Ca;ledonians; Covered Bridges; Creation Myths; Discoveries and Recoveries of North America; druidheachd illustrated; Galeic Calendar; mics and macs in Gaeldom; Mythology & Etymology of Scottish Family Names; The Utopia Monster; Nollaig; Orolog; St. Columba; Santa Claus; Travel and Travail; Uktamkoo; Voluspa; Halifax Explosion; McDougall's Diary; Men & Things on the St, Croix

In progress: A Neo Victorian Childhood

Various lengths up to 1000 pages. Some edited and spell checked; some as is where is! If the above link fails try entering from that above my photo!

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