Monday, May 21, 2007

Bluenose II Progress Report

This is an official government holiday (Victoria Day: They don't observe this one in England!). In practice this means that the banks and government offices are closed (but not the liquor store),

As this is a tourist town, everything else is roaring and ready to go; excepting perhaps the schooner Bluenose II which is getting caulking and paint and new rigging prior to her first appearance of the year at Norfolk, Virginia, June 7 to 12.

If you google Bluenose II you are going to get the unofficial Bluenose Trust pages. They are no longer the official operators. Go instead to

This will take you to the home of the official operator of this sailing ship (which is featured on our Canadian dime). Her sailing schedule for 2007 is at

Have a look, these are very pretty pagesw!

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