Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Also On Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg

A broad parking lot separates the wharves of the waterfront from Bluenose Drive. On the northern face of that avenue one finds numerous inns, b&b's and restaurants. Because of the slope of the land many of the buildings here have basements which open on Bluenose Drive. Three restaurants stand in a row just across from the Fisheries Museum: The Rumrunner, seen behind the "police paddy wagon"; Big Reds showing a foreground verandha and The Grand Banker (not seen).

Big Red's Family Restaurant used to be the Lunenburg Town Jail, hence this peculiar structure at the backside of the building. This is actually a whimsical bit of applied art: The paddy wagon doors open and close on bags of detritus and waste from Red's food operations. All of these buildings have exposed backyards, seen by every tour bus which comes to town, so some innovation is required to hide garbage!

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